Bollywood Sucks

Why Bollywood Sucks?

Bollywood O Bollywood, the quasi essential epitome of Indian lake cinema, famous for its masala films all over the world, oh what a crap it is real!

In a time when cinema all over the world is evolving and producing masterpieces, including our very own Telugu industry with movies like Baahubali, all our Bollywood doing is making utterly crap movies like Raees or Half Girlfriend or every Salman Khan movies where a 50-year-old actor romance with an actress half his age.

I can somehow be okay with that too you know, I’ll ignore the pedophilia of casting directors but what about the story?

You can spend a fortune to shoot some party song on a beach with 100+ models/dancers and one crappy rap singer but can’t afford a decent scriptwriter? Check your priorities again Bollywood.

There was a time when Bollywood was famous for its creativity and innovation, 30 years back maybe, but the Bollywood of today is, what to say, imagine a superlative of the worst thing ever.

What went wrong? My vote goes for nepotism. Now you may wonder what that is.

Well, we had some really good singers, actors, directors, scriptwriters and others in the industry some 30-40 years back. But then they had kids, and this kid had a family business, Bollywood.

And suddenly our industry was full of them, crappy actors, crappy directors, crappy script.Well, no one wanted to be a scriptwriter.

And suddenly, the industry was ruined.

Nicholas Coppola, nephew of famous Hollywood director of acclaimed movies like The Godfather changed his name to Nicholas Cage so that he doesn’t get undue advantages in the industry. The reverse of that happened in Bollywood.

You see when they say that Bollywood is just a big family, well they aren’t lying there, it is.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Bollywood, I love it in fact. Bollywood is the butter to my chicken, I mean life but I’m disappointed. There’s so much potential still, all it needs is a push (physics joke here if you don’t get it).

It’s on watchers like and it’s our responsibility to reject the bad quality cinema and these people would be forced to hire good screenwriters who can write good, faithful stories (basically self-promoting here) and then we’ll the rise in quality of cinema in India and rise of Bollywood.

There’s a lot of work left to done here, have you heard the C chart busters these days? I’m so disappointed by the taste of music of this new generation. Please tell me this is not what you actually like? I just want to hear it once, because nothing, absolutely nothing, not even IRK could be worse than that.

Wait no, KRK is definitely the worst, apologies there! Or you readers are smart enough to judge what gives more pain to our ears- KRK or music these days.

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