iPhone Monitoring App

How can iPhone Monitoring App Help Parents

The monitoring applications have turned out to be the biggest expediter of parents. The cell iPhone tracking and monitoring apps enable parents to remotely monitor and manage the smartphones of their children. Once you install the spyware on the iPhone of someone else, you can get access to the data stored on the phone including messages, call logs, contacts and more. There are several iPhone monitoring apps but picking up an efficient mobile spy app is of crucial importance. We have reviewed top mobile spy apps to let you get the most appropriate software to track iPhone use of your children. TheOneSpy is one of the most advanced mobile phone spy apps that are intended for parents to monitor the iOS-based mobile phone devices of their kids. This article discusses how TheOneSpy iPhone monitoring app enables parents to keep tabs on the online and offline activities of teens.

iPhone Monitoring App

What can iPhone Monitoring App Do?

The iPhone tracking software offers hundreds of features to remotely track and control the iOS mobile phones of teens and twins. Once you install the iPhone spy app on the smartphone of your kids, you can track that phone through a web panel. The application gets access to the mobile phone data and uploads to the online control panel of the spyware from where parents can review that data and transfer the required data to another device. It allows parents to remotely read their kids’ messages, track their phone calls, track their location and monitor their surroundings.

How to Get iPhone Surveillance App?

Parents can monitor the iPhones of their children by getting them installed with the tracking software. To get the spy software, you need to get yourself registered to the iPhone spy app by visiting the official site of the spyware. Subscribe to the desired package plan for iPhone monitoring and get the activation code. Download and install the application on the iPhone of your kid. However, you need to jailbreak the target iPhone to install the spy app. If you do not want to jailbreak the iPhone, you can choose the non-jailbreak monitoring solution of TheOneSpy. However, the non-jailbreak monitoring app offers limited features to remotely monitor the activities performed on the targeted phone. Read on to know more about the jailbreak and non-jailbreak iPhone monitoring software.

Features of iPhone Monitoring App (Jailbreak & Non-Jailbreak)

The iPhone tracking software offers innumerable features to remotely monitor and manage the targeted iOS based mobile phones. Given are the main features of the surveillance software.

Track Messages

The mobile phone surveillance app lets you track the messages of your kids including the text messages, MMS, i Message, and instant messages. The application syncs the messages stored on the phone and uploads to the online spyware account to be accessed by parents. It lets you read the messages deleted from the target device.

Track Phone Calls

The cell phone surveillance app lets you access the call logs of your children. It shows the detail of all incoming and outgoing phone call including the call time, call duration and contact detail of the callers and recipients.

Remote Control Cameras

The iPhone tracking app lets you operate the cameras of the targeted iPhone. By sending a remote command via online control panel, you can direct the targeted device to take photos and make videos of the surrounding scenes using the primary and secondary cameras. The secretly captured photos and videos get uploaded to the spyware account from where parents can monitor and download these media files.

Remote Control Microphone

Similar to the cameras, the iPhone tracking app lets you remotely turn on the microphone of the target device. You can listen to the voices and sounds surrounding the monitored iPhone and record the conversations of your children.

Track GPS Location

The iPhone tracking app lets you locate your children. The application keeps you updated on the current location and location history of your kids. Also, it lets you mark multiple locations to stay informed of your kids’ entrance and exit from the marked locations.

That’s not all. TheOneSpy iPhone monitoring app offers several other features to monitor and record every single activity performed on the targeted iOS device and in the surroundings of the monitored smartphone. It enables parents to stay informed about their kids’ action and safeguard them from the potential dangers in the real and online world.

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