Housewife lose weight

Housewife Lose Weight With These 3 Exercises at Home, not at the gym

If you want to lose weight fast at home without going to the gym, then do these exercises daily told by the expert.

Are you a housewife?

Are you gaining weight fast?

Want to lose weight?

But don’t have time to go to the gym?

So there is no need to worry because today we have brought 3 such exercises for housewives, who will help reduce body fat fast and if you do it more often then it will also reduce your weight.

Yes, housewives want to lose weight but avoid going to the gym. For such housewives, the exercise described in this article can be the best because it can be done very easily at home. The best thing about these exercises is that we are being told about this by fitness expert Sweta Mehra. So what is the delay, let us know about these exercises.

3 Tips Weight loss for Indian housewife and Mothers at home No GYM

Squats and jump squats

Performing squats increases our body tone and strengthens the core. Being strong in the core leads to weight loss. This is because when we do squats when we lift our body weight then calories are burnt and the loss of calories leads to weight loss. This causes both weight loss and fat loss. Also, by doing squats, we have a leg tone and our body system is correct, which helps in weight loss.

How to do squats and jump squats

  1. Stand a little distance away from the feet.
  2. There should be the proper distance between the shoulders and legs.
  3. Slowly bend your knees at 90 degrees as you are sitting on the chair.
  4. But the bending should be just of the knees.
  5. The back, neck, and face should be perfectly straight.
  6. Keep the knees parallel to the feet.
  7. Bend down until your Thai is parallel to the ground.
  8. Exhale while coming up.
  9. To perform jump squats, jump into the squat position and jump upwards.
  10. Come back to the same position.
  11. While doing this, jump on the claw, not on the heel.
  12. Keep the body loose while coming down.
  13. You have to do 25 squats daily. If you want, you can take it up to 100.


Cardio exercise is very important for the body because it increases our heart rate. It is a warm-up exercise; it speeds up the fat loss process. Whether you are dieting, weight training or squats but if you do a little cardio, then weight loss and fat loss are fast and it is a very good exercise for the heart.

Way to do cardio

  1. Stand upright to do this.
  2. Then criss-cross your legs by jumping.
  3. You can do this any time of the day but the stomach should be empty.
  4. If you want to lose weight, do cardio 250 times.


If Kapalbhati does faster, it reduces your belly fat. When you do this exercise for a long time, your stomach gets stressed. By doing this daily, calories are burnt and weight loss is reduced rapidly due to the burning of calories. Abdominal exercise also helps in reducing your fat.

Method of cranial

  1. To do this, take a deep breath while sitting in the Relax position.
  2. Then exhale the breath.
  3. Initially do three cycles and rest for some time.
  4. If you want to lose weight, then Kapalbhati should also be done 250 to 300 times.

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