Flatulence: Causes, remedies, and complications

Expert Tip: These 5 Family Secrets Will Reduce Flatulence

The only way to stay healthy to ‘eat healthy and live lifestyle lifestyle’, but at present, this fund cannot be adopted regularly. Especially when we are spending more time at home due to the Covid-19 infection and there are fewer health diet options.

In such a situation, we are facing a lot of health problems. One of these is the problem of bloating, which we know in common language as a problem of flatulence. People often have to face this problem due to wrong eating and poor lifestyle.

Famous nutritionist Heat Chheda has written about this in his blog, ‘Complications of flatulence are very common and can happen to anyone of any age. Anything can be the cause of this problem. Blotting may occur for different reasons to different people. For example, blotting can happen only by eating apples, while the other person does not have any problem with eating apples. In such a situation, it is very important that you maintain a food diary.

Not only this, but there are also some domestic tips to get rid of the problem of heat blotting.

Causes of flatulence

    You may complain of flatulence due to constipation problem.

    If you eat more than you need, then flatulence starts.

    Sleeping or lying down immediately after eating food also causes flatulence.

    If the increasing weight is not reduced, it may also cause flatulence.

    If the gas is formed after consuming the seed-fed or gas-making vegetable, it can also cause flatulence.

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Drink fennel water

Benefits- Consuming fennel relieves irritable bowel syndrome ie intestinal disorder. If you have problems with flatulence, then you can consume fennel in three ways-

How to use-

    You should consume a teaspoon of fennel after eating food.

    If you want, you can add fennel as a spice to your salad and vegetable.

    Apart from this, soak the fennel in 1 glass of water overnight and consume the same water in the morning.

Eat Curd-

Benefit- Probiotic is present in curd. It is a type of healthy bacteria that helps in the digestion of food. If you have a problem with flatulence, then you must include yogurt in your diet. You can also add cumin seeds to the curd.


    1 bowl yogurt

    1 teaspoon Black salt

    1 teaspoon Roasted Cumin Seeds

    A pinch of asafoetida


    You should roast cumin and asafoetida properly.

    Now add roasted cumin and salt to the curd and mix it well.

    After this you can take this curd.

Use ginger

Advantage- If you are having bloating due to gas problem then you should consume ginger. You can use ginger in 3 ways.

How to use-

    You can chew it slowly by placing a small piece of ginger in your mouth.

    You can consume that water by boiling ginger in water.

    You can include ginger in your diet. For example, use ginger in salads and vegetables.

Eating papaya will benefit

Benefits- Papaya is considered very good for the stomach. Papine element is found in it. It keeps your digestion up and relieves the problem of flatulence.

How to use papaya-

    You can make raw papaya vegetable.

    You can eat ripe papaya like fruit chaat.

Mint tea will give relief

Advantage- Peppermint contains the phenolic compound. It also removes intestinal disorders. Also maintains digestive function.


    15-20 fresh mint leaves

    1 cup water

    1 tablespoon honey


    First boil the mint leaves well in water.

    Now filter the mint water.

    When the water becomes slightly lukewarm, add honey to it.

    Then you drink this water.

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