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Drinking Water – One step ahead to healthy Lifestyle

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Today the topic we are going to talk about is a very important as well as a major issue of awareness for every person. As the topic is related to our health and we all know very well that what is the importance of health in our life. As to do every work it is the first condition that we are well. So, what we are going to discuss today the health. Today’s topic of concern is water. As we see that, many young people and children, etc are facing many infection issues in kidneys or stomach due to because of lack of water inside the body. 

As our body is consists of nearly 70% of water which means even a small loss of water can be proved very dangerous for us. So, today we are going to tell you many interesting things water drinking challenges, water drinking calculator and schedule for water drinking, etc. And I hope that these all things make your water drinking routine well. 

The first thing we are going to talk about is;

Water Drinking Schedule: 

As there is no as such timings to drink the water during the day. It all depends on you that when you are feeling dry. But in case you are feeling that you are not drinking enough water in your daily life then what you can do you can follow this schedule. 

  • Try to start your day with a little warm glass of water. This thing will make your skin more beautiful and also makes your stomach strong. 
  • After this, you have to take a glass of water after eating breakfast. This will settle your food in the stomach and refresh you once again. 
  • After that, you have to start following a routine like you can start drinking a half glass of water after every half hour or full glass in 1 hour or as per your needs. 
  • But in the evening what you can do is you can have green tea. As it is a good mixture of refreshment and health.

This is a quite simple schedule that you can follow to meet the needs of water requirements. But if you have some other plans then you can follow that too. One more important thing is that if you are a workout-loving guy then you have to drink nearly 50% more than a normal person. 

Sometimes this may possible that you feel it difficult to follow the schedule or drinking a very low amount of water. So, this is going to a very interesting game for you. What you can do is have your friends with you and bet them on the drinking water challenge the one who is going to lost will have to pay for all expenses of water for a month. 

Drinking Water Challenges:

  • So, what you have to do is that you have to bring some bottles with digital screens embedded in them which will tell us the amount of water the bottle stores. This will tell us that what the amount of water drink by the person. I bet that you all are going to enjoy this and this thing also improves your health and helps you to maintain a good posture.  
  • One more thing you can do is you can plant a container in your house on which you have marking for the timings of water. and what is your challenge is to follow the schedule. And on the penalty what you have to do is to drink twice the amount you forgot to drink. 

Now I am sure you are going to enjoy water drinking too and this will helps you in bringing changes to your lifestyle. But now the only problem left is how you are going to calculate that the amount of water you are taking is enough or you have to increase the intake. So to solve this problem I have brought one Drinking water calculator. You can go on the link given: https://www.hydrationforhealth.com/en/hydration-tools/hydration-calculator/ You have to click on the link and then follow the instructions given to you on the screen and you have to fill in all the details asked for. In the end, the calculator will tell you all the details. SO, this is all about for today. I hope you like it and try to drink more and more water. SO, your health always remains good. And you are going to live a healthy and wealthy life.

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