Chiller Repair Services Dubai

Chiller Repair Services Dubai

A Chiller is a machine that uses air or water to remove the heat from the system/equipment. However, the system can be any industrial or non-industrial machinery that can get heat up after long use and needs to get cool for efficient work. A water chiller can be used for heat transfer in a small, mid, or large industry. Moreover, water chiller can be of three types:

  • Water-cooled
  • Air-cooled
  • Evaporative cooled

However, water-cooled chillers are better as they provide efficiency and environmental impact advantage over air-cooled chillers.

Types of Chillers:

  1. Vapor Absorption
  2. Vapor Compression

A Vapor Compression is the most commonly used Chiller which includes Air Chiller and Water Chiller. Moreover, on the basis of the compression technique, there are four types which include:

  • Centrifugal Chiller
  • Reciprocating Chiller
  • Scroll Chiller
  • Screw Chiller

Air chiller:

An Air Chiller uses air to remove heat from the system by using fans. However, it requires more energy than a water-cooled chiller and it can be a great option when it comes to a system that is stationary. When it comes to installation, air chiller is much better as it can be installed outside the building which means no extra space will be used. Additionally, if it comes to blockage and there-circulation issues, air chiller is more prone to it than a water chiller.

Water chiller:

In Water Chillers, the heat transfer is done by using water. However, water is being pumped through a sealed condenser and dispersing it through the cooling tower. If we talk about efficiency, water-cooled chillers are more efficient than air cooled chillers. Moreover, while heat transferring; the water vapors formed also helps in cooling down the system/equipment. And id we talk about the durability, water-cooled chillers are more durable than an air-cooled chiller.

Types of Compression Technology:

Centrifugal Chiller: Most of the centrifugal chillers are water-cooled chiller and it is very rare that an air-cooled centrifugal chiller exists. Centrifugal Chillers are used when high cooling capacity needed. It offers the best results to systems that are medium to large in size (150 to 6000 tons).

Reciprocating Chiller: These types of the chiller are found in the system which is very small as it offers the best results to the system having a capacity of 1.5 tons.

Scroll Chiller: Both Air and Water coolers come under Scroll Chiller. The two spiral plates are bringing used in this chiller, in which one is stationary and one is rotating. Moreover, it is having the capacity for 1 and 2-ton models.

Screw Driven Chiller: If we talk about Screw Driven Chiller, it is used in both Air and Water Chiller. Moreover, it can handle the load between 70 to 600 tons which means it can handle small to medium systems the best.

Tips for Chiller Maintenance:

As it is a very important part of many big industries, malfunctioning of the chiller is acceptable. Water Chiller Repair can be very expensive sometimes. However, to prevent that there are few tips that should be followed so that the Water Cooled Chiller repair will not be required.

  • Keep a daily log
  • Keep tubes clean for efficient heat transfer
  • Lower entering water temperature
  • Maintain adequate refrigerant charge
  • Treat condenser water to prevent scale, corrosion
  • Keep chilled water flow rate between 3 to 12-ft per second
  • Check operation of starters and motors
  • Analyze compressor oil
  • Install variable speed drives

However, if the Water Cooled Chiller repair required, there are few companies that can help you with this and the list is mentioned below:

  • Ics Cool Energy
  • Maximus Chillers
  • Sulekha
  • Cesco

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