Desert Safari in Dubai

Best Desert Safari Company In Dubai

If you are here to experience the wonder, guess what you are in the right place. This Desert Destiny tour agency will make sure that you enjoy each aspect of Dubai on a trip. You can find many sites that will make sure of your comfort but this Desert Destiny will give you the never forgettable experience with its mind-blowing offers and schemes. This agency deals in seven different tours namely:

Abu Dhabi City Tours:

This tour makes sure that you will explore the beauty of the Arab capital, a portal of fun opportunities. This part includes two options: a half and a full-day visit. Moreover, it includes a magnificent tourist activity with the panoramic view of the skyscraper of the booming city. The famous Sheikh Zayed Mosque, the largest mosque in the United Arab Emirates, contains seven chandeliers, each made up of more than millions of Swarovski crystals. It is the largest being the second largest in the world, measuring 33 ft. in diameter and 49 ft. high.

Lastly, let yourself be amazed by the 24-carat gold-plated chandeliers, the largest hand-knotted carpet in the world and no less than 1,000 columns. You have 2 cars option on this tour, Abu Dhabi City Tour(Basic) cost you around 125.00 AED/Person which includes Pick/Drop By 4*4 Car from Door Steps and Abu Dhabi City Tour(FERRARI WORLD+) cost you around 445.00 AED/Person which includes Pick/Drop By 4*4 Car from Door Steps.

Dubai Evening Safari Tours:

Desert Safari in Dubai is one of the major safaris in the Desert of the United Arab Emirates. If we talk about the tours, it is one of the most visited and best-loved Desert Safari by more than millions every year. Moreover, you can take a few photos under the billions glittering beautiful stars and under the light of the moon. If you are here for the Desert Safari in Dubai, this tour agency can make that happen for you. Desert Safari will start with the timely manner Pickup from your Hotel or Meeting Points with a warm welcome by our Desert Safari Dubai Guides. With our expert drivers, be ready to have Goosebumps while having the Sand Dunes Drive or the Dune Bashing.

Lastly, have interaction with Camel by having a memorable ride on their back and also learning some ideas about why they called the Camel as “Ship of the Desert”. It includes four ways: Dubai Evening Safari (Advance) cost you around 115.00 AED/person, Dubai Evening Safari (Basic) cost you around 55.00 AED/Person, Dubai Evening Safari (Premium) cost you around 225.00 AED/Person.

Morning Desert Safari Tours:

Dubai is not all about Evening Safari, it’s also known for the Morning Desert Safari Tour. Morning Safari appropriate for the individuals who do not have time available within the other time of day. Moreover, it allows you to witness the sunrise from dunes and gives a fresh morning breeze. Lastly, it includes four ways: Morning Desert Safari (Advance) cost you around 130.00 AED/Person, Morning Desert Safari (Basic) cost you around 120.00 AED/Person, and Morning Desert Safari (Gold and Gold+) cost you around 199.00 and 249.00 AED/Person.

If you are in Dubai and you are looking for The Best Desert Safari Company in Dubai, Desert-Destiny is one of the best. The facilities you can get under this name is more than any other agency.

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