अक्षरा सिंह का चला जादू

Akshara Singh’s magic on the internet, 10 million views VIDEO

A song ‘Call Kare Kya‘ by Bhojpuri cinema industry’s famous actress and singer Akshara Singh is making a big bang on social media. This song has now joined 100 million clubs. This song of Akshara was released in February this year. After this success of the song, Akshara has thanked her fans and fans with her Instagram account.

Akshara wrote, ‘You never even express and you secretly give so much love. I can not express my feelings, I do not have a word for it. This is a really big thing for me. I express my heartfelt gratitude to all of you as well as the entire team for this song. Let me tell you that this song got million views with the release. Akshara’s biggest hit of the year has become ‘Call Kya Kya’.

The lyrics of this song of Akshara have been prepared by Ashish Verma and its composer is also Ashish Verma. The director is Ashish Yadav, while the choreographer is Manoj Kumar Gupta. DI Rohit Singh and PRO Ranjan Sinha.

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