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After Cousin Dhruva Sarja, Artist Aishwarya Arjun Tests Corona Virus Positive

South actress Aishwarya Arjun, daughter of Kannada star Arjun Sarja, tested positive Corona virus on Monday. She is presently quarantined at home. Aishwarya Arjun took to her Instagram account on Monday to open up about the diagnosis. She wrote, “I have recently been test positive for Corona virus. I am quarantined at home while taking all the required precautions guided by a professional medical team.”

Aishwarya Arjun also urged people who met her recently to take care of themselves.

“To anyone who has been in contact with me the past few days, So please take care. Stay safe everyone and please wear a mask! I will update you soon with greater health. God bless. With love, Aishwarya Arjun,” she added.

Fans are pray for her speedy recovery and flooded Twitter with “get well soon” messages for Aishwarya Arjun.

Meanwhile, last week, Kannada actor Dhruva Sarja and his wife Prerana got hospitalised after they test positive for Corona Virus. Dhruva is Aishwarya’s cousin

“My wife and I have both been tested positive for Corona Virus with mild symptoms and hence chosen to get ourselves hospitalized. I’m sure we’ll be back up all fine! All those who were in close proximity with us please getting yourselves tested and remain safe,” Dhruva said in his social media post.

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