5 Psycological Myths You Have Always Consired As Facts

Psychological Myths, this articles is based on 5 Psychological Myths. Every step is fascinating. Read it carefully and enjoy to this articles.

Which part of the brain does what function?

It is the problem-solving misconception that left part of the brain serves the purpose of logical and analytical thinking, Whereas creative and intuitive tasks are managed by the right part of a brain.

It goes on as relevant people have a dominant left brain and creative people have a brain dominated by its right path.

The fact is, both parts of brains work in sync with each other and are inter- connected. They collaborate to give the sense of consciousness. It is first Psychological Myths.

Brainstorming is productive

Yes, all the corporate companies use the technique of ‘brainstorming sessions’ during the group meeting, and they intend their employees to give best possible ideas during the process.

It is considered as a crucial stage while planning any new strategy or campaign. It follows the misconception that human mind gives innovative ideas while working in groups.

On the other hand, most of the studies show that ideas discussed and generated during a group are less efficient and innovative than that of ideas introduced by individuals. Is the world functioning all the wrong way?

Opposites attract Psychological Myths

For humans, it is said that we get attracted to people with different interests and likings. We also tend to get drawn towards people who resemble our ‘ideal self.’ These things maintain a spark in a long-term relationship as it is more adventurous than having a clone of self as a partner.

Factually, this is not very true. Dozens of studies and researches have shown that humans are more likely to seek a mate with similar beliefs, lifestyle, habits, values, backgrounds, etc. Along with this, similar personalities have more rate of successful relationships and compatibility than different ones. It is a third Psychological Myths.

Punching bags V/S holding anger

We believe that venting the anger reduces stress and instantly makes us feel better than holding it to ourselves. It is the reason why most of us do things like pounding the punching bags, hit the gym or scream out loud in the air as a trick to calm ourselves down as we feel angry over something.

But the reality is that these things are just temporary solutions to reduce stress. They give you the false impression of relaxation for a while, and you get back to the stage of aggression. It is advised to take a break from that environmental setting and indulge yourself into something different and deal with the problem using problem-solving approach.

It is advised to take a break from that environmental setting and indulge yourself into something else and deal with the problem using problem-solving approach. Fourth Psychological Myths.

How to decide rewards?

Usually, people pay others handsomely so as to change their attitude towards a particular thing or function. It is believed that giving big rewards as a bribe. Or prize will modify the way how the person’s take on the issue.

For example, most of the parents bribe their kids with appealing gifts to make them go to school or do their homework at the time.

Scientifically, this is the wrong way to deal with such people. It makes them arrogant and less interested. According to research on ‘cognitive dissonance,’ it is advised to go with smaller rewards needed to do so. It is Fifth Psychological Myths.

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